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Re: 90 MPH at 3000 rpm's in 5th gear

> I have put 215/60/15's on the car.

That would make the speedometer read a little lower than it should.

> I have intended accelerations chip and a K&N filter.

Doesn't matter.

> On flat ground in 5th gear at 3k rpm's I'm doing 90 mph.

Flat, uphill, downhill doesn't matter as long as the clutch
isn't slipping :)

> I have driven a 89.5 200 Q and at 3k rpm's I'm doing 80 mph and a friend on
> the list who has a '87 5ktq says he is doing 80 mph at 3k rpm's.

80 mph is more reasonable.

> My speedometer seems to be correct when I drive by those radar machines on the
> side of the road.

At what speeds?

> (2) or are my rpm's just reading low? (idles at 800 rpm)

I'd suspect the tach at this point.  You can connect an electronic
meter at the coil and check its accuracy.

> (3) Is there anyone else out there with the 10v motor that goes 90mph at 3000
> rpm's ?

Not mine.  Probably around 80.

Another check you can make.  Set the trip computer on average mph and
reset it.  The next speed it displays will be your current speed.
You should have a helper to do this BTW.  This speed will be more
accurate than the speedo since it doesn't involve an analog guage
with springs which can get tired over time.  (Note you will still
have the tire size error.)

I have checked my speedo against mileposts (over at least 5 miles
at 60mph - mileposts aren't too accurate themselves) and it
reads between 5 and 10% high!  The trip computer reset gives
a far more accurate speed for me.