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Re: too good to pass up!

In message <> Mike Arman writes:

>      Q: How can you recognize a DEC field circus engineer
>         with a flat tire?
>      A: He's changing one tire at a time to see which one is flat.

Old joke - heard in Germany in the late 1970s.  Original form:

Four IBMers are driving down the Autobahn to a customer.  A salesman,
his director, a software engineer and a hardware engineer.  The car
has a flat tyre.

The salesman leaps out of the car, throws his jacket over it and
shouts: "It's not broken - we're just having a rest."

The director consults his Filofax and declares that since the puncture
isn't in the annual plan, it can't be happening.

The software engineer gets out a calculator and works out that they can
get the front wheel off the ground if all four sit in the rear.

And the hardware engineer starts swapping wheels to see if the problem
goes with the wheel ...

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