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Re: 90 MPH at 3000 rpm's in 5th gear

> I am trying to get some feedback from other listers.
> On flat ground in 5th gear at 3k rpm's I'm doing 90 mph.
> (4) How fast are you going at 3k rpm's in 5th gear on flat land?

first point - the (indicated) mph to rpm ratio has nothing to do with
tires.  rpm is read off the engine and mph the trans, so the gear ratios
are in between, creating a fixed linear function in each gear.

variables would come into play if your clutch is slipping, or either
gauge/sender is inaccurate, especially a non-linear inaccuracy.

btw my 82 coupe does 85 at 3k rpm.  The closer ratio trans in the 85
goes about 70 (I think) at 3k.

btw, I'm still waiting for answers on my question re: close ratio
transmissions with mechanical clutches to put in the 82.  Would my 84
parts car have the lower gears?  I suppose I could go drive it around
(on the four space saver spares!) and compare mph/rpm ratios...

Huw Powell


the steering wheel isn't connected to anything, it's just a place to
rest your hands