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Re: Type 44 bomb replacement & brake question

Mike Arman wrote... 

>will become "hard" in 10 or fewer pumps - in fact, if the bomb is
>completely shot, it will be hard all the time - you essentially have NO
>power assist. 

Well.....you DO have the pump....yes I know your emergency stops will give
you a hard pedal, (and a heart attack) but you CAN drive, braking with a
gradual pressure rise, and stop effectively, using just the pumps boost.
The bomb seems to supply pressure requirements when the pump can't, i.e.
WHOA NELLY fast line pressure spikes.

If your bomb is bust, change it. I've gone through 4 in two years, and need
another. Phooey!

Steve Bigelow
Discreet Dungeons
Ottawa Ontario
'84 5ks "Audrey", proper German silver, Husco cup holder (hey, cool
upgrade, stud!)
'82 Coupe (previous)