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Re: Boost controllers

> Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of running the HKS EVC or
> GReddy Profec boost controllers on an '83 urQ?  From what I could find on
> these, which was little, it would seem that they should offer a broader
> power band and a lot of flexibility.  I like the idea of bringing the boost
> on more quickly and providing a flatter boost curve under varying
> conditions.  The momentary boost increase and cockpit control features seem
> nice as well.

> I couldn't verify that they can even be made to work with the urQ, and they
> are expensive.  I'm thinking maybe the more advanced boost control is worth
> it.

They should work with the UrQ, as long as they can understand 5 cylinders.
As far as I know, they switch boost going to the wastegate - no boost,
wastegate stays closed, let boost thru to the wastegate and it opens.
This is how the 20V turbo controls boost.

It could eliminate the 'problem' of wastegate cracking and would give
more boost at lower RPMs, without the higher maximum boost that a stiffer
wastegate spring would entail...

However, one might ask why the Audi tuners aren't pushing them...