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'98 a8 for sale

	i just posted mentioning i hung out down at the dealer
	place, the audi/vw joint here in sf.  i dunno anything
	about them at all, but i am sure some of you out there
	can speak to how they are overall.  the guy seemed pretty
	cool, showed me his car and stuff, seemed to take my 
	"i cannot afford one of these" and "i hate car dealer
	bullshit" messages pretty well and just shoot the shit
	with me.

	anyway he mentioned a car they have on the lot that he'd
	like to sell and asked if i could post it here.  i said 
	it would probably be ok, since i would be telling everyone
	it was a dealer ;)

	anyway, the info he gave me:

	1998 a8 quattro 4.3
	"every option available" 
	(leather, polish rims, etc)
	$73,540 sticker will sell for $66k
	financing avail yadda yadda

	personally i dunno when i'd be able to even approach
	buying a car for $66 k but maybe some of you have some
	kind of interest in this.  he gave me a pager number 
	which is 415-267-9517 - his name is scott.

	and if this is inappropriate or something just flame me a 
	whole lot in private mail and i'll apologize profusely :)

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