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Re: S6 Chip and Boost Upgrade

In message <19981005082242.12730.rocketmail@send104.yahoomail.com> Philip Ross writes:

> Simply because the work had to satisfy Audi UK so that the warranty on
> the car would be valid.  Although Phil Payne could have fixed it for
> some beer they wouldn't have been happy if that was on the invoice.

Typical.  Ingolstadt takes beer in payment, though.  Well, some of the
engineers do ...

> The ECU had also been butchered in some way by the Superchip agents so
> it wouldn't work properly when the standard chips were put back in.

Yup.  Zener/resistor network.  Seen it on every ECU they do, regardless
of whether it's necessary or even useful on that ECU.  Just had a MAC12D
with that done to it, although there was ample range in the sensor for
simple re-programming.  A crude bunch of bodgers.

> Hence the new ECU at a cost of GBP2300 and the extra for the wastegate.

If it's an Audi agent buying Audi parts, I have no sympathy.  The
wastegate issue is that the components of wastegates are not available
separately - if you want a stock spring, you have to buy a stock
wastegate.  Period.

> Superchips made no noticable difference to my car even with the
> spring, but there are others.

All Superchips did to Charles Adair's car was wreck the ECU.  They
didn't even correct the checksum, so all of the diagnostic and test
functions were useless.

> On a slightly different note I still notice that the boost level
> fluctuates on my car.  The little computer gauge (I know its not spot
> on) varies between 1.7 and 2.1 under max load and this is matched by
> how the car feels.  Is this something do with the limited overboost
> for a limited period or is there something wrong with my car?  For
> example if you're idling along and then you floor it in second gear it
> goes to 2.0-2.1 but if you race through the gears the boost in 3rd and
> 4th sometimes drops to about 1.7 under hard acceleration.

Have you pulled the codes?  Not all events (e.g., excessive knock)
light up the warning light.

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