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Head gasket or engine overhaul? '87 5kcstqw

Need some listers imput.
 I have a '87 5kcstqw that I absolutely love.  Even with 228,000 miles on 
it I plan to keep it for a long time (I have a company truck so the wagon 
can just be for weekend trips).  Last week my daughter brought it home 
from a short trip (15 miles) and to make a long story short I have a 
cracked head or blown head gasket. (had to add 1 1/2 gallons of water.) 
She said it got a little hotter than normal.

I've had the car 6 months and have done brakes, shocks, water pump, 
radiator & timing belt. Car runs great.


Rod Michaelson
Walnut Creek, CA

p.s. We went out this weekend and found a nice little '87 4kcs for my 
daughter. 4 clyinder 5 speed. So simple.