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I've been curious, with regards to Audi stereos- if I replace the factory
head, is there any way to keep the nifty station display in the instrument
cluster on my 1990 V8?  I wouldn't think so- does it just stay blank?
Do later Audi stereos still have this feature?  Could I retrofit one into
my V8 (I know the new ones are really wide...but I thought that if I took
the lighter out of the V8 there would be just enough room).  As is I hate
to mess up the 'original' look of having that display in the instrument
cluster, but I would love to have a head-controlled CD changer rather than
the FM-transmitter add-on changer I have now.  Opinions?

On the subject of noise in the car...the other day when it was raining
I heard this strange sound of pouring water coming from the bottom of
the driver's side A-pillar.  Well, that was about where it sounded like
it was coming from...it might have been from the defroster vent that
is at the bottom edge of the speaker port on the dash.  In any case,
sometimes it sounded like pouring water, sometimes more like a little 
bit of water and a lot of wind (which would make more sense).  Obviously
it seems like there is some sort of bad seal, either in the windsheild or
somewhere just beyond the firewall, such that the sound comes out the
vent.  BTDTs?

TIA, as usual.

Nathan B. Thomas