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Steadiric lives!

Yes, I'm still unsubscribed to the Quattro List but have to share this for
the benefit of those who are owed money by Eric Fletcher and are having
difficulty tracking him down: He's still alive and well and bidding on
products on eBay (www.ebay.com).  In fact, he just outbid me on an R/C Audi
Quattro.  I checked his feedback and since he's received some negative from
at least one seller ("WARNING!! Blatantly breaks eBay rules! Rude accusatory
email. Email for details"), it appears he's still up to the same old tricks
... if you're feeling particularly civic-minded and have likewise felt the
sting from Eric the Bold, you might want to contact the seller
(loureeds@aol.com) and warn him about the outcome of your dealings with him.
(Fortunately, he's only into me for a small amount -- UPS charges -- so
other than tweaking him every chance I get, I've written the whole thing off
and moved on.)  CAVEAT EMPTOR!

Oh, and for the curious, we closed on the house last Wednesday and I'm
putting the epoxy floor in the garage later today ... what a PITA job this
is proving to be!  I spent all of yesterday on my knees with a brush in
hand, scrubbing, cleaning and rinsing it ... it's a good thing this only has
to be done once every decade or so!  :^(
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