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Nathan B. Thomas wrote:
> I've been curious, with regards to Audi stereos- if I replace the factory
> head, is there any way to keep the nifty station display in the instrument
> cluster on my 1990 V8?  I wouldn't think so- does it just stay blank?


> On the subject of noise in the car...the other day when it was raining
> I heard this strange sound of pouring water coming from the bottom of
> the driver's side A-pillar.  Well, that was about where it sounded like
> it was coming from...it might have been from the defroster vent that
> is at the bottom edge of the speaker port on the dash.  In any case,
> sometimes it sounded like pouring water, sometimes more like a little
> bit of water and a lot of wind (which would make more sense).  Obviously
> it seems like there is some sort of bad seal, either in the windsheild or
> somewhere just beyond the firewall, such that the sound comes out the
> vent. 

Clean the leaves out of the drainage hole in the front bulkhead (which is
covered by that huge plastic cover with the "AUDI" script).

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros