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RE: Mobil 1 & Semi-Synth

Have you heard from anyone reliable as to the benefits/disadvantages of
the different oils.  I'm thinking that a synthetic base oil may give
better lubrication properties than a straight dino oil but without the
detergent effect to eat away the deposits on the oil gaskets and seals I
am sure are failing on my car.  I'm thinking of keeping synthetic in all
Turbo cars due to high heat in the turbo but using the semi-synthetic oils
in my  NA cars.  UNless the NA is a new car like the A6.   L8R


On Fri, 2 Oct 1998, Phil Payne wrote:
> VAG (in the UK, at least) have two 'own brands' of oil.
> Synta is described as having "a synthetic base".
> Synta Gold is "fully synthetic".
> My local VAG dealer is trying to get me to convert to Synta for the
> Passat and Synta Gold for the ur-quattro.  Since I now have the _ONLY_
> ur-quattro in their area they're keen to have me as a reference
> customer - it seems a lot of Audi buyers still recognise the ur-quattro.
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