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Re: Hand-Aligning a 200

> Well, I just got my front control arms re-replaced and I need an alignment.
> I know others are looking for a place to get such a car aligned in MA. just
> as I am (actually I am in Natick, same area too). I was going to give it a
> home-alignment like I did to my old Golfs. I was going to use a spirit
> level for the camber and measuring tape for the toe. Has anyone else done

Taped my 5kCSQ for toe when I did my control arms.  Alignment shop
said it wasn't much out when I took it in.  We set it pretty close
to 0 toe.

Camber works out to be 1/4" per degree over 15" (need really level
ground to use a spirit level for this).

> a Golf IV in Jan-Feb anyway. My biggest concern is the tie rod length on
> each side, unfortunately the Bentley doesn't tell me; only gives you the

That's mainly to ensure the steering wheel is straight.  I'd just make
equal changes to each side.