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RE: 1981 Audi turbo?

Doyt W. Echelberger said:
Today I saw a one-line ad selling a 1981 Audi turbo. Before I call, can
anyone guess as to what is being sold?  All I can imagine is that it is a
UR-Q.  Opinions please.

Most likely a 5000 turbo.  That was my dad's first Audi, and what I learned to
drive on when I was 15 (back in 1987).  Great car, great fun.....I was very
very upset at my dad when he traded it in for an '87 5KCST 3 weeks before my
16th birthday!  That was supposed to be my car!  Well, he came through with an
'84CGT for me when I was 16....he said a 2 door manual coupe was more fitting
for a 16 year old than a 4 door automatic sedan.  Boy was he right.....that's
why he's my best man in my wedding (3 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!).

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