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Re: Contagious clutches

     Many apologies on behalf of Dieter (my 200q). She (yes, I didn't
know that my 200q was a "she" until much after I gave her a man's name)
can be quite vengeful at times. Apparently the brain-swap was enough for
jealousy to erupt betweeen the two Q's! Do you think it could be a
virus! ;)

     I'm REALLY surprised your T-O bearing went already. Your car
doesn't even have 100K on it yet! I think this is the earliest I have
heard of 200q clutch going south. 
     R+R revealed that it was indeed the TO bearing. It came apart in my
mechanic's hands. I plan on shooting a couple of pictures of it and the
clutch components for my web-page that I will finish someday. Since I
didn't try to do the clutch job alone, I can only refer you to APG. I
would speak with Greg or Carmen on the phone, it should be fresh on
their minds.
    Someone wrote me about breaking the Fork by driving on a shot TO
bearing so beware driving on it. Mine was probably much worse than yours
though, just based on mileage. 

    Oh boy...I wonder what the next jinx is going to be. Maybe we
shouldn't have swapped Brains. Your car may think it has 175K on it
now.. I wonder what they are plotting next. ;)
Osman Parvez
Albany NY
89 200q 175K (Happy Clutch)
85 Mr2 77K (In Storage) 

four.rings@mcione.com wrote:
> Hello, fellows.
> Remember Osman posted on the 26 September 98 ?:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Driving along today. Suddenly my clutch pedal starts giving me vibrations on
> application both up and down
> [...]
> Clutch pedal travel has vibration when engine is on, no vibration when
> engine is off.
> Clutch pedal travel feels "normal" when engine is off.
> Also the pedal pressure seems lighter.
> Engagement seems a little "sloppy.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> This is _exactly_ what happened to my car yesterday, word for word!
> My guess is that the last trip to NYC, where I've gotten myself into a
> horrendous traffic jam, has killed the throw-out bearing.
> For two hours and several miles of the tpk extension, that separated the inlet
> to the Holland tunnel in Manhattan from the NJ Tpk exit 14 I've been moving
> forward 1 m per each step, clutch in - clutch out, clutch in - clutch out. Came
> home with a numb left leg (the pedal has been very hard for the past year or so
> - I knew _what_ was coming! :-)
> Now the pedal all of a sudden feels very light - just like with the Osman's car!
> After his repair Osman wrote this:
> >(I still think Igor jinxed me though by predicting the remaining clutch
> >life on my visit to Philly though) ;)
> Well, all I can say is that your car, Osman, has a very nasty and revengeful
> temper.
> Look how quickly did it get even with mine! It looks like your car cast a spell
> on it. I guess I should have not jinxed you with my prediction after all ;-)
> Fellows, would someone be so kind as to send me the list of _all_ parts (and p/n
> if possible) needed for the clutch job on the '89 200TQ? All bearings, seals,
> sleeves (metal and plastic) - everything you can think off. I am gonna do it
> right.
> I've done a few clutches in the past - last time on my wife's (now gone) '88 VW
> Fox. Just never on a quattro.
> Thanks for any info.
> Oh, do you guys feel I have a week of driving left in the clutch? I promise not
> to venture further than 5 mi away from home.
> --
> Igor Kessel
> Two turbo quattros