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my .02 cents on turbo timers

Why?  You want to buy a device just so you can run your car hard up to the
moment you park it?  Why not just take it easy the last couple miles or if
you are driving a little hard the whole way to the driveway, just sit in
your car and let the synthetic oil (you are using fully synthetic oil
aren't you?) cool those bearings. There's something cool about waiting a
minute or two in your car to let your turbo cool.  :)
Maybe I just don't get it.
1989 Ford Probe GT turbo - 120,000 miles, Mobil 1 every 5000, never a turbo
problem, she's warm before I use the turbo and cool when I shut her down.
Oh well, to each his own, it is America...

Quattroless in PA, but working hard on changing that.