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Re: 1981 Audi turbo?

In message <36195142.229DB7FD@snet.net> Bob writes:

> > If you go and look, see what the engine block's made of.  I can't
> > find enough aluminium blocks in ur-quattros to account for the
> > number Audi supposedly made.  A 1981 car merits examination.

> AM cars had 3 81's when I was there last...
> They had the levers for the diff locks instead of the vacuum. Id love to retrofit those to
> mine....

One of them is Roger Galvin's - known as 'EBM' from its registration.

I've been studying the exploded diagram of that Bowden cable system -
I _don't_ think you'd appreciate living with it.  Over 100 parts a side.

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