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90 MPH at 3000 rpm's in 5th gear

From: Pcarselle <pcarselle@worldnet.att.net>

I improved the accuracy of my speedo by replacing an aot resistor and
repositioning mechanical zero.  It's now spot on at 30mph and 60mph.

E-mail me if you want details.


>>> I have checked my speedo against mileposts (over at least 5 miles
>>> at 60mph - mileposts aren't too accurate themselves) and it
>>> reads between 5 and 10% high!  The trip computer reset gives
>>> a far more accurate speed for me.

>You are on the ball...I use same procedure....my speedo is 6 MPH overstated

>at 65MPH...the instantaneous momentary readout of  the computer is 59/60
>this also checks perfectly with fixed mile markers !