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FS: 4kcsq Michigan

I just met this guy, and haven't seen the car, but in case anyone's 

'87 4kcsq 
Charcoal, grey cloth, excellent cond.
134k miles
$3500 obo.  Selling because it's too expensive to maintain.
Joseph Sonsmith
Battle Creek, Michigan

Tires - Firestone Fire Hawk GTA
Rear quadrant exhaust
Distributor, regulator, cap, wires, plugs
Wipers - Bosch Micro Edge

Purchased ~119k
Castrol Syntec every 3k since then
Reciepts for everything
Power moonroof works great - I think he meant sunroof?
Cruise control doesn't work, hasn't checked why
Power locks, trunk doesn't work.
  Original key lost and copy doesn't work in trunk.
New Sylvania headlights (DOT)

I helped Joe work on his Escort, he does far more maintenance than 
required, very meticulous.


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