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Re: BMW - Driving school/show and tell - is it worth it?

That was me (I?).  Yes, it's worth it, depending on how many
days you have for vacation.

The event consists of about 1/2hr "chalk talk" on driving dynamics,
then about 1.5hrs on the "track" (cones in a parking lot) learning
about ABS and how to drive better and faster.  It ends with a 
relay race where you try to drive a lap as fast as you can without
hitting any cones (2sec penalty).

After the event itself, you can also sign up for the Susan B.Komen
foundation "Drive for a cure" where for every mile you test drive 
a new BMW, they will donate a certain amount to the cause (free to
you though).  We drove a 328ic (convertible), Z3 2.8 roadster (quite
nice though the car was beat) and a 540i 6sp.  When we returned the
540i I commented that the clutch was slipping between 1st and
2nd gear - they said "really?  geez, that just got a new clutch
yesterday!"  I checked the odo - 2000 miles.  Tells you how hard
these cars get driven!

I can't believe BMW let us take those cars out solo, but I'm 
glad they did! :)

| Dan |
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