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Re: 90cs pricing (KBB book values)

John McAvoy wrote:
> On Mon, 05 Oct 1998 20:09:15 -0500 Mark Switek wrote:
> >A friend of mine is looking at a 93 90cs fwd, automatic, leather electric
> >seats, loaded.  The dealership is asking $12,500 for it. Kelley blue book
> is at >about $15,000 .... Any comments on the cost of the car for the value?
> Mark,
> FWIW, in Sept. 1997 I bought my '93 90 S, automatic, cloth non-electric
> seats, 58,000 miles, for $10,600, dealer was asking 12,900.  Perhaps you can
> use this as a comparison.
> John McAvoy
> 1987 Merkur XR4Ti
> 1993 90 S

IMHO, KBB book values are a very broad guideline for pricing. They tend
to be higher than most dealer's asking prices. I'm assuming that this is
b/c of their affiliation with dealers. 

When I used to sell cars, twice I printed out KBB.Com book values and
used it to close the deal. Both times, our asking price was much lower
than KBB's price guideline! I used it as a closing tool. You can get
better prices than KBB most of the time.

Osman Parvez
Albany NY
89 200q 175K (Happy Clutch)
85 Mr2 77K (In Storage)