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Re: BMW - Driving school/show and tell - is it worth it?

> Like you said, it's a sales pitch. Arranged with much hoopla.

Whoa, you're wrong here Igor.

> I did it on 15 September in Princeton BMW. I wanted to find out what "the
> ultimate driving thing" can offer for 1999 and what's the big hype is all about
> anyway.

You did the Susan Komen test drive, not the driving school.

> I chose to drive a 328 manual, a 528 manual and a 740 auto. 

I thought the 328i was a great car.  I still wouldn't buy one,
but it did very well on the autocross track and will steal lots
of A4 sales.

The 323i is nowhere near as good - more like a Jetta than an A4.

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