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Re: 5k A/C programmer debugging

> 1) One of the vacuum solenoids (the footwell one) won't hold vacuum on
> the vacuum side, but the others do. They are supposed to hold vacuum,
> without any voltage applied, right? But holding vacuum can also indicate
> that the solenoid is swollen shut, I understand, so I'm not sure how to
> diagnose it. The whole programmer does rattle, but it's hard to tell if
> I'm hearing two or three or four rattles.

None of mine hold vacuum with no power.  Rattling implies that they
probably wouldn't hold a vacuum without power.

BTW, IF there is oil getting in there, then I'd suspect the main
check valve.  Air flow is towards the engine.  Only under boost
could air flow from the engine towards the solenoids and there is
a check valve that's supposed to stop that happening.