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Re: Rally Report

Wallace White wrote:
> I think the confusion about this has to do with the way we were
> receiving those messages. My mail filtering is set on "quattro"
> appearing in the to or cc. Since those messages made no such reference,
> they wound up in my main inbox, which is indeed a little confusing.
> Maybe there's a better way to set up that filter. Anyway, I imagine that
> if you were to send those messages cc'ed to the quattro list (if you so
> choose), it would be fine.
> - Wallace
>   '87 5kcstq 150k

I am complainant #3, if the above had been done in the first place then
I would have deleted it along with anything else that is more or less
banter. These Mazda 323 rally posts hadn't been filtered by my program
so I relegated it to being spam. I treat it as an intrusion, or worse,
and respond accordingly. Now I know the what, where, and how of the
situation I'm cool with it.  :<)  Perhaps the above should be considered.

'86 4KCSQ