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V8 timing belt, competent place to get it done ?

Well,  where at 98k miles on the 90 V8 ... which means timing belt soon.

I'm located in Nashua, NH and am looking for places to get it done
and places to avoid :-)

I'm guessing Pass & Weisz - not recommended

Chris at Autobahn doesn't have the special tools (nor does he really
want the liability, don't blame him :-)

I've got a call into Clair Audi.

Thinkin about EuroSport,  expensive, but they've done good work
on the V8 in the past.....

Anybody here had their V8 timing belt done within 75 miles
or Nashua, NH ? ...............  and not had any problems :-)


Mike L.
90 V8, 98k
89 100 Avant, 130k