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Re: BMW - Driving school

Phil  writes:
>Subject: Re: BMW - Driving school/show and tell - is it worth it?

>I hope they don't teach the same bad habits that a 325i driver showed
>today.  On a fairly damp and greasy road, he attempted to keep up with
>F600 JVJ on the bend to the M25 westbound upramp from the A412 at Maple
>Cross - crashed out.  Spun twice, rear-ended the bank and rolled a full
>360 back onto the wheels.
>Driver OK.  Strike one BMW - it's scrap metal.
>       "I wasn't going so fast - you were pulling away from me."
>       "Yeah.  But that's a quattro."

Well done Phil. Tell, me, did you keep a straight face when you delivered
that line?

...and exactly which Audi dealer did you recommend :)

Lee Levitt
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