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RE: Boost Controllers

Steve says;

> > There is a big difference though.  The factory ECu does not utilize the 
> > sophisticated algorhythms that the EVC uses and they have a wimpy WGFV.
> > 
> ... those sophisticated algorithms are needed because the box is intended
> to
> plug into as many cars as possible.  Given the fact that you know the
> turbo
> and engine characteristics there is no reason that the ECU can't be
> programmed to do the same sort of thing.  Perhaps the point about the WGFV
> is well taken ...
I've been thinking about this, and have a very non-technical comment.
Please be gentle with me as my technical ability would rattle around in a
peanut shell.

Steve (Sachelle Barber) has a cock-pit adjustable WG control knob CPAWGCK),
which seems to use pressure (or lack thereof) to control the WG.  Apparently
the fab and $$ are pretty small (like $15).  With a chip (like Scott's
Mo's), and a spring, and this CPAWGCK, couldn't the WGFV be controlled
better than just the spring and chip?  Seems like a cheaper fix than the
after-market systems suggested.  Not nearly as sophisticated (i.e. manual
control), but better than nothing.  What say all the smart guys??

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