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Re: Easiest way to Chang upper strut bearings

Joe Rae decided to speak these words:

>Any body know an easy way to change the upper strut bearngs for a 4000csq?
>Other then taking the suspention all the way off? can you just undo the top
>nuts with the car on the ground, and then jack the car up?
>Any info and BTDT would be much appriciated!

Unless you have the coilover setup in there, or some springs that dont 
require a spring compressor, i cant see how you would do it....

If you dont need a compressor, it would be difficult, but i bet it could 
be done.  I have even been thinking about how to change my springs in the 
same fashion...i think it can be done.  Just undo the top spring 
retainer, compress the strut insert fully, lift off the spring....i 


Michael Sheridan Williams
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