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Top Gear: The TT article

Top Gear's cover story on this months issue is a road test of the TT.  Two
writers had a go at it, and I can tell you now- they gave it the worst review
of a car's performance I have ever read.  

I don't care for mag writers anyway, they seem to be very unobjective.  But I
also can't imagine what these two guys must have experienced to make them so
negative.  One of the guys even admitted he loved the car, but could not
comprehend the performance.  

I have a positive review from Automobile and some Autoweek stuff, and someone
told me the German mag Auto Motor Und Sport actually had a road test this
month.  Any info?  Any stats?

I like the gist of the new TT- it seems to overcome Audi's long time problems
with performance design (in my opinion).  Things like weight distribution, an
aluminum engine, and an active center diff by Haldex adds up to the design
parameters of a real sports car.  I calculated the BMEP of the engine and was
very impressed.  It works hard, even if it is stressed at 3500 ft/min.  My
only point of consideration is the 1 bar positive and 9 to 1 compression
(static) of the engine- Audi is selling it at the midpoint (or highpoint) of
its performance potential.  That's alot of pressure for a stock engine.  I
just wonder were it could go from there.  

Chris Morlock

86 951
83 928S
81 928
81 931
70 BMW 2800 CS
and an HD