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Re: 4kq odometer issues

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 Thanks for the info, but this is not what is wrong with my speedo. The
 white gear is turning the shaft just fine, the shaft won't stay put. It
 slips out of its socket at the other end and away from the worm gear. The
 result is the same, but I couldn't figure how to fix it permanently. I
 disengaged the OXY sensor gear by pushing it sideways on the shaft. I
 think this contributes to the breakage as it demands considerable torque
 every hundred miles. After that I just snapped the shaft back into place
 and crossed my fingers.
 I think I was not clear in describing my problem. First of all I think I must
have repaired this thing 4 or 5 times until I got it right.
My gear and shaft were also slipping away from the worm, to the left, and I
was correcting that problem until I realized the root of the problem. The
reason the assembly was slipping to the left was because the gear attached to
the right side of the shaft, which turns the trip odometer tenths wheel, was
not properly attached to the shaft. That gear, the one on the right, is the
one I applied crazy glue to in the center. I think this just increased the
grip on the shaft because I let the glue dry for a few minutes before
reassembling. I was afraid the glue would stick where I didn't want it to.
I have turned many hundred miles since, because I can't stop driving this toy
of mine, and the miles keep on counting.
I don't know anything about the oxy sensor gear, so I can't comment. I don't
even know which gear it is. Maybe you can clue me in on this one and what its
function is.

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