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Re: Top Gear: The TT article

>Top Gear's cover story on this months issue is a road test of the TT.  Two
>writers had a go at it, and I can tell you now- they gave it the worst review
>of a car's performance I have ever read.  
>I don't care for mag writers anyway, they seem to be very unobjective.  But I
>I have a positive review from Automobile and some Autoweek stuff, and someone
>told me the German mag Auto Motor Und Sport actually had a road test this
>month.  Any info?  Any stats?

Automobile, etc., never say anything *truly* bad about *any* car (may be
with exception of Yugo or Trabant). They don't dare to give any negative
images of any automobile.

And that's what I like about foreign mags. They've got balls where they
would blast a car if they feel like it... even if they're wrong or totally
different from readers' view.

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