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Re: MB Engine, Waste Gate Hose routing

In message <199810070546.BAA29989@coimbra.ans.net> "Scott Mo." writes:

> In the MC engine intake manifold there is an internal pipe that runs from
> ahead of the throttle plate and straight to the back of the intake manifold
> where it connects to the idle stabilizer and the hose to the lower waste
> gate diaphragm.If you pull off the accordion hose you can see this pipe,
> that is the reason the accordion hose has the oval shape.

Ditto MB.

> The GH recall involves capping off this pre-throttle port at the back of
> the intake manifold and re-routing the lower waste gate hose to the intake
> manifold metal pipe with three hose fittings to get intake manifold
> pressure instead of getting pre-throttle boost pressure.

That's exactly the running change on the MB that I'm talking about.
Orin has also come up with a couple of plausible explanations.  As you
probably know, we don't have access to recall information in the UK,
and I'm not aware of any recalls being done.

I think I'll do a 'before and after' on my car this weekend.

IMO there is a _significant_ safety hazard in many MBs where the drain
hose from the system pressure regulator is routed into the air mass
sensor housing.  On just about every car I've seen, this hose is
perished and falls off at the first touch.  Martin Parker at BR
Motorsport and I both now routinely replace this hose whenever we
find it.  On Roger's 200TQ 1B engine, this drain is taken under the
car and is tie-wrapped to the front right chassis member.

The old (pre-Viton) seals certainly _do_ crack and shrink with age and
heat.  They also harden to a point where extreme force has to be used
to shift them - a two-man job with a three foot pry bar and the head
bolted to the bench.  I've wondered if a chemical approach might be

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