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Re: Test: TT vs. Boxster

In message <361AC15E.7CAE48A2@localnet.com> Chris writes:

> Just out of curiosity, why do you hate the McLaren so much? I've never seen one in
> the flesh so i don't know how good it actually is, but I have a tought time believing
> it is a piece of junk. But if the car is a piece of junk, the engine at least seems
> like a nice piece of machinery. But please, fill me in on what i seem to be missing
> in this car. thanks,

'Hate' is an emotion I can't summon for inanimate objects.  I'm just not
impressed with the car as seen close up.  I've seen two in
non-exhibition surroundings, and thought the fit and finish just not up
to a $$$$$$ car.

As for the production nunbers, it's a matter of public record.  It
didn't sell very well, and McLaren seem to have quietly stopped

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