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Re: Synth winter weights (fwd) Good Read

On Tue, 6 Oct 1998 adamnelson@juno.com wrote:
> It never ceases to amaze me how easily thousands of hours of engineering
> work and experience can be tossed aside as a "common misconception." The
> fact is, heavier oils such as 20W/50 have been recommended by VW/Audi for
> most of their cars for many years. They have built literally millions of
> cars over the past 50 years and have the burden of warrantying them
> against failure. Since the 60's VW and Audi have made cars especially for
> the US market with US specific engines. It only stands to reason that the
> recommendations they make in the US-only owner's manual are based on US
> driving. 

	THis is true.  However, I must also agree with the person that
gave me the prior message.  In 50 years of Audi's research, Oils have come
along way.  Their quotes are stated for the average driver using Average
Oil (that being Dino oil).  Good synthetics have been proven time and time
again to lubricate Better than DIno FLuids.  AND they tend to flow better
at lower temperatures.   If you are using the same oil that Audi tests
with for however many thousand hours Audi tests all their expensive
engines with untill the point of failure (yea right, most manufactures
dont put THIS much thought into it, oils are different, they just give
guidlines).  ANyhow,  if you are using the same or similar oil (read dino)
that Audi uses to recomend weights for then stick with them.  Synthetics
are different though and can be treated as so. Works both ways

> I'm sure that many people are quite happy with the performance of 5W/30
> in their cars, but anyone who has taken a science class knows that a
> sample size of 1, 2 or even 5 does not make a good study. As for the
> figures noted, I seriously doubt that they were taken on a test course or
> track using properly calibrated test equipment. That is how VW and Audi
> do it, so I'll go with their numbers for now.

	This is true.  It is not scientific but studies on Synthetic oils
have been done and they do lubricate better than Dino's.   Also,  I may
not have tested 1,000 cars with this procedure but I know that if I put
Mobil 1  5/30 in my car it  WILL START BETTER than with a 10/30 Dino Oil.
Even 10/30  Mobil One synt starts noticably better. :)
	But,  if you still really believe in Scientific procedure then
please,  I would really like to know if Gasoline will always ignite when
lit with a match.   I know what will happen, but if you want to go test it
1,000 times with different matches and gasoline then go ahead.  99%
ignition ratio is good enough for me :)

I just posted this as an informative letter since I and a few others
enjoyed in immensley.  IF you dont agree, that is fine with me.  I will
continue to use my synth and you can run your Dino or 20/50 synth or
whatever pleases you.  I dont mind, just passing along more useless
Subjective info to the list.  

Have a great knight all.  I think I am too tired and an obviously getting
cranky so I think I will go to bed now.   L8R