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RE: Top Gear: The TT Article

    I read the article on the car too. Basically they had three problems
with the car. First, steering was too vague for a sports car, though the TT
does sport a shorter ratio steering rack than the rest of the A-chassis
cars. Second, it couldn't be toyed with because the awd and ESP systems kept
it in line, thus tough to throw around (me I look at control as a good
thing, and so do most Audi owners), third, it just wasn't a true sports car
in their minds (maybe because it is A chassis based). The Boxster is clearly
more of a sports car as they said, but Z3 is not. Perhaps because it is rwd
and easy to toss around and send the tail out. I didn't think the article
was that scathing. Those guys are known for liking cars that can be toyed
with (tossing out the rear end etc), and probably don't know what to make of
a car that is pretty hard to lose control of. Later-G