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RE: Levent Cur slang

Well, FOA, we're not all stupid.  Secondly, we have a sense of humor.
These two traits are in direct contradiction to yourself.

I refer the right honorable gentleman to my previous post (asymetrical fog
lights, will wheels fit, what's a throttle body, how to measure a hole,
what's a clutch, do body parts fit, cat mods improve performace, does
running over parts of my mint car that fall off my now unmint car hurt the
car, had the car overheat and die and had no clue, etc...) and again ask
the question: 

	How did you get 280hp out of your V6?

Unless you have something to add to that matter, don't even bother posting....

At 09:32 AM 10/7/1998 ,  Levent Cur was inspired to say:
>  Ok since you all are stupid....  I was born in Michigan my father was born
>  in Ankara, Turkey...  He does very well...  Big guy at Whirlpool Corp.
>  Since i know turkish you guys can keep on guessing till the cows come
>  home....  My first name "LEVENT" means soldier...  and my last name "CUR"
>  doesn't mean dog...  thats what it means in english....  But thats a
>  turkish word not english....  So shut the hell up already...  Would you
>  like it if i made fun of how half of the list has really crappy old cars...
>   Audi's that is...  And me a little old 19 year old will be trading my
>  100CSQ to a dealer for a 1996 S6...  Cheap....