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Mr. Cur slimes all of us

Levent Cur <lcur@qtm.net> writes:

>Ok since you all are stupid.... 

Hmm. Wonder what *I* did to piss him off.

I was born in Michigan my father was born
>in Ankara, Turkey...  He does very well...  Big guy at Whirlpool Corp.

Many congrats to your father. Does he get 240 HP out of one of them top
loading dryers?

shit snipped

>So shut the hell up already...  Would you like it if i made fun of how
half of the list has
>really crappy old cars...Audi's that is...  And me a little old 19 year
old will be trading my
>100CSQ to a dealer for a 1996 S6...  Cheap....

Oops, spoiled too. How are you planning on dealing with the drop in HP from
your rocket to the S6?

>'83 Volvo 240 DL (Mine) 265,000 Miles (Close to Mint)

crappy old whats?

Come on, you own a car my grandmother used to drive. A freaking DL? You
couldn't even afford the sunroof model? Doesn't that vinyl get hot in the

Mr. Cur, if you're going to dish it out, you have to take it too.

Here's a hint:

"Keep your mouth closed and nobody will know how little you know. Open your
mouth and everybody will know."

Now how does that procmail filter work again ;-)

MAC - The 200 goes in for new shocks (Boge Gas) next week...looking forward
to a touch better chassis control to go with the new Contis and the Eurolamps!


Lee Levitt
wheelman @ shore.net
webmaster, http://www.wheelman.com - kewl stuff for gearheads :)
1990 Audi 200T, 90K
1995 Range Rover County LWB, 80K
1987 Wicked Fat Chance, 1981 Condor Custom Road Bike