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Re: Oil filter/Quickie oil changes

Michael Murphy wrote:

> Jeff LaBombard wrote:
> > Why are Frams such bad filters?  I have heard this, but am curious why?
> >
> Jeff,
> As part of the filters data I'm collecting for the list's new website,
> I've done a fair bit of data gathering.  What I've uncovered about Fram
> so far:
>    taking hits, not only from some qlist members but on other lists.
>    Fram is the only "name brand" mentioned in catastrophic filter
>    failures causing a sudden, large loss of oil by failing at the
>    gasket or, in a couple of incidents, they just split open (still
>    trying to verify that engine oil pressure regulator was not the
>    problem).
>    they have more than one quality level of filter, including, IMHO, one
>    to be avoided - "Double Guard".  It has PTFE (teflon) additive.  I'm
>    also trying to verify their by-pass valve settings vs. OEM filter
>    specs and/or existence of anti drain valve (needed if the filter
>    mounting position allows gravity to drain the filter).
>    to confuse you, not all Fram comments are bad -  in fact one list
>    had a member who dissected several brands and found Fram to be above
>    average (have not read report in its entirety so I don't know if it
>    has applicability to Fram filters for Audi apps.).
> HTH,
> MJ Murphy

 Just to add a brief comment on filter failures. I used an AC/Delco filter
on my Toyota truck and the engine started clicking at idle. When I changed
the filter, something was rattling around inside of it, I didn't take it
apart, but I'm thinking it was probably the pressure bypass valve, in other
words, the filter became worthless at some point in it's life. I was going
to go after AC/Delco for damage to my engine, but lost interest when other
problems started cropping up and I decided to trade it in.

I will NEVER buy AC/Delco filters again.

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