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KKK turbos : K26s, K27s, K28s & K36s (??) numbers

My faithful parts procurement specialist called me today with some new 
KKK turbos he is buying & I was hoping somebody could help me id the 
things (my usual turbo source is gone for the week).They are as follows:
K26x1415-7548, K26 5326970 6028, K27 5327970 6017, K28 5328970 6792 &
K36 5336970 7028. Any help would be greatly appreciated, if the turbos 
are any we can use, I will certainly let the list know, I believe there 
is around 150-160 units total.
Ron Wood-Audis a plenty ( and growing daily)
82 Ur-Q
83 Ur-q 
84 4KQ
87 4KQ
87 4KQ-EC project car (just wrecked)
87.5 CGT
8? A2 rally car