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Re: V8Q lang?

Lewis Schnaper <lewis@ukpik.com> writes:

>Hi.  Noticed the picture of the great looking V-8 lang on your web 
>page (and
>thanks for the wiring diagrams).  Was this car ever produced? Ever 
>into the US?  What I really want is a V8 wagon, but the "lang" would 
>be a
>close second.

Hi Lewis, glad the diagrams helped.

The Lang (long) was definitly produced, in limited
numbers. I saw two while in Europe years ago, and
there was talk of one in the Detroit area a few
years ago.  The V8Q is 486cm long while the Lang
is 519cm long.  The wheelbase was 30cm longer too.
The "extra" rear glass was out of some euro-VW,
maybe a Polo? 

We never get the really interesting cars here, the
S6 Station Wagon, (Estate, Avant etc) has been 
sold in other countries for years with the 
V8 engine.  It looks like it may be coming here
too in the near future.

As for owning a Lang...yeah it would be nice, I'd
love one too, BUT, if "average" V8Q parts are 
expensive, I don't even want to contemplate what
parts unique to the Lang cost. 


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