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Re: Faux Carbon Decals

Dan Hamren wrote:

> I just recently spent 25 bucks on 2 paper size sheets of faux cabon
> fibre from tapeworks.com.  I put it on my black 89 vw cabbie.  I applyed
> it to the rear lowerer front of the wheel well (over the stone guard).
> it went on well, very pliable, only took an hour (both sides).  when i
> got it, i was un-impressed, but after it was on, i was satisfied with
> it.  in other words it looks good on something you don't look at
> closely, but on a steering wheel (like the ad) or on the interior, i
> think it would be too cheezy.

I requested samples of faux carbon fiber from both Tapeworks and Blau. I
was not impressed with either sample, though Tapeworks was slightly better
than the Folia Tec product offered by Blau. Now this is NOT a complaint
about Blau as they are just selling a product by Folia Tec. I'm just not
impressed by either product. As Dan states, it looks fine from a distance,
but up close it looks cheesy, the "one-dimensional" look of the material is
very obvious, there's no "depth". I would NOT use either product to cover
anything in my interior as it would be too close to an observer's eyes and
the lack of texture would be obvious. It would be better if they used clear
multi-layers to somehow give it some "depth". I'm definitely not going to
spend $25 on something they ran out though a color laser printer with some
gloss over it.

Sorry Dan, you should have done what I did and asked for samples. Some
people sent me messages direct asking for my opinion of the two samples
once I got them. My advice, if your interior wood pieces are scratched, try
to buff them back to a shine as these products would NOT look good anywhere
in an Audi.

Just my $.02

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