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RE: 4000SQ starting probolem: Fuel pump relay for $400? Hmm..?

Sounds pretty darn steep to me.  Ask them why you should pay for their
incompetent trouble shooting.  What does the shop manual list for labor
cost on trouble shooting and replacing the relay?  Offer to pay that.  OTH
repairing burnt wiring under the dash is a PITA.  Depends how much work
they did there...... Could be worth a few bucks.

My .02

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The dealer FINALLY (after several weeks) claims to have fixed
my starting problem.  He claims that since it was intermittent,
and the diagnostic equipment kept saying it was an ignition
problem, it took a lot of labor to find the bad relay.

The problem was that my car would turn over, but 50% of the time
wouldn't start.  It finally stalled while I was driving it and
wouldn't start.

First they replaced the hull sender (and then put the old one
back in) and then spent 1/2 day fixed some burnt wiring under the dash
(which they claimed fixed it, but I couldn't start it when I went in).

Finally, they now say it was the fuel pump relay and want $345 labor,
$70 for the relay.

What do you think?  Should I pay it or gripe?

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