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Cheap O2 Sensors from Flying Circus (fwd)

>From the diy_efi list.
If you are prepared to splice in the connector, this would be
a pretty good price for a Bosch O2 sensor.

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> I have responded to a couple of people who were looking for 'generic' and less
> expensive O2 sensors but I should probably post this to the list.

> We (Flying Circus English Cars) have Bosch O2 sensors starting at $40 and $42
> (heated).  We supply them for Jaguars and Range Rovers but will be happy to
> supply for other applications too.  Your harness and connector may have to be
> reused or we might be able to identify a sensor with the right brand of
> connector even if the length is different

> Call Robert Edwards (our Parts Manager) at 
> (919) 596 4250 or 
> e-mail us at FCECLtd@aol.com

> Alan Briggs