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Re: TAP 20vt chip

How do you do it with just a chip?  The simple answer is you can't.  The amount
of power that can be obtained from any B3 is limited by the hardware (intake,
turbo, manifold, valves, exhaust and so forth).  There's only so much that can be
done with fuel, timing and boost before the hardward limitations prevail.
280 is about the best you can do with software.  300 is what you get with
software and a new manifold, and 330 or so with the software manifold and RS2
turbo.  After that, you have to start changing injectors, doing headwork, exhaust
work, cams, etc.  Hoppen's arguable advantage is Hans Lehman, who was responsible
for most, if not all of Audi's racing engines during the 80's.  Competitiors will
sometimes give you an "upgrade break" if you want to move to their system (they
love being able to replace a competitor's system).  Ya never know 'till you ask.


Geoff Jenkins wrote:

> Having run (back to back) Hoppen's "280 HP" setup and TAP's "+80HP" (i.e.
> 307 HP?) setups on S-cars (whose engines are pretty close to yours), TAP
> would seem to be _really_ optimistic in their claims. I wouldn't say the
> TAP setup is _less_ powerful (although it does feel less smooth), but it
> certainly doesn't feel any better. Anyway, if it takes an RS2 turbo,
> manifold and chip to get >300 from MTM/Hoppen, how would TAP do it with
> just a chip...
> ...and for the record, mine was the TAP setup, worse luck...
> Geoff
> '94 S4
> At 02:28 PM 10/7/98 -0700, Brandon Hull wrote:
> >Anybody using TAP's chip for the '91 200tq?  At $475, it's half the price of
> >IA's stage IV, and includes a stiffer wastegate spring.  Same HP claims.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Brandon Hull
> >'91 Ersatz S2, only using the lower third of cool 30lb boost gauge
> >