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Re: BMW ultimate drive/ show and tell


    First of all, you did the Susan G. Komen charity function, not "The
Ultimate Drive"....it confused me too because I got this keychain when
I donated some money that had "The Ultimate Drive" on it.  But, there
is another even BMW is putting on that is called "The Ultimate Drive"
where you spend some serious time on an autocross track with an
instructor and behind the wheel on a new 3-series.

    Second, I thought it was a great deal.  I think it is great that
BMW puts on such events, and for charity no less.  And, I am free to
drive just about any BMW make/model I wish!  Sounds like a win / win
situation.  I wish AoA would get thier heads out of the sand and put on
some stuff like this.  BMW of North America is light years ahead of AoA
in this area!!!!!

    Third, Did you drive the same 328i that I did!????  I thought it
was a fantastic car!  Yes, I'd still prefer a A4 1.8T at a lot less
price, but this car is truly amazing!  I was VERY impressed.  I
actually sighned up to drive the 528i with the 5spd manual
transmission.  I didn't really care for it that much.  I mean, it was
nice, and quick, but WAY TOO BIG.  I felt like I was driving an oil
tanker.  I even looked back to change lanes I was amazed how hard it
was too see.  Visibility was very poor in that car.  I felt like I was
too comfortable and wasn't able to see around me.

    There was an M3 sedan there that I unfortunately didn't get to
drive.  The MZ3 was booked up the whole day.  I'll bet that thing
screams though.  I drove one with an 8V 4-cyl and it was still pretty
quick.  One with an M-Powered 6 is downright dangerous!  But, I really
liked the new 3-series.  I thought the build quality was excelent, the
car rode great, cornered awsome, and had a very sporting feel to it.
I'd take one over the 5-series any day!!!!!

    I just sighned up for the "Ultimate Drive" at the end of October in
Atlanta.  I'm hoping I can make it.  Sounds like another good
oportunity to drive a neat car and hone my driving skills just a little
more.  I never pass up an opportunity like that! ;)

    '90 200tq