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Re: 4000Q Handling probs.

Daniel Jones wrote:

> Well Bob,  last I remember I obtained a r/f ball joint for you 8-10 months
> ago and you stated you were going to align it "by eye",  did you ever get a
> proper 4 wheel alignment done?  without knowing if all 4 wheels are
> pointing in the right direction you can't guess what the problem is. Right?
>  What are the tires?  I have found with my own car the 4kq is hyper
> sensitive to alighnment and tires.  Also if the alignment was done "in
> spec" it DOES NOT mean its "right".  Hence your first alignment on the 20v.
>  Start with putting it on the rack and go from there.

Actually I got two alignments done on the damn thing. First one locally
(Prestige Audi, they ***SUCK**), I was not satisfied with that, so I got it
done independantly afterward. The only thing it really helped was pull, and
steering wheel. Handling problem was still there. My "by eye" alignment (Ok, By
String) was better than the first one I got.

Anyway... new tires didnt help, new alignment didnt help and the diffs arent