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RE: Yet Another TWS blurb...

I'm curious about something here...

This the first comment about the swapping of wheels and tires to be
mentioned in relation to this incident.  I'd like to know the exact
tire/wheel configuration and location on the car.  I once had an
unscheduled "off" in a car which was equipped with mismatched tires and
have always believed that it contributed to the behavior of the vehicle
which preceded the off.


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> Well, this past weekend at TWS was certainly an "event".  Everything
> seemed to go very well and everyone was having a pretty good time.
> Scott Dewitt was kind enough to swap two of his Fuchs alloys with
> Todd Williamson (right name?), since Todd may not have been able to
> run otherwise.  He had bought those A4 5-spoke knockoffs with 35mm
> offset from Tire Rack (or maybe DTD), and they were rubbing on both
> rear fenders of his 5000tq.
> Of course, at the end of the 4th run on Saturday, Scott's 5000tq
> decided to show him how unhappy it was about swapping two of its
> "feet" with Todd's car.  Scott apexed turn 11 too early and came
> out wide going into turn twelve, getting two wheels off the pavement.
> Unfortunately when he got those two wheels back onto the pavement,
> it was across the berm of turn 12, unsettling the car and sending
> it off the other side of the track sideways.  After digging two
> nice ruts in the dirt, the wheels caught and the car went over.
> It was sad to see the car in such a condition, but both occupants
> (Scott and his instructor Oscar) were fortunately unharmed.  So
> if anyone wants an MC engine for a transplant, they might be able
> to talk Scott into letting his go for a reasonable sum.  ;-)