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re: Yet Another TWS blurb...

Just got the pix from the event back- I'll have them on a server
somewhere before too long. Looking them over, this little camera isn't
the greatest, but eh- I'll photoshop them into shape.

Sunday nite, I was wore out. Warren Wang said we had about 190 miles on
track during the weekend. No wonder my R1s were looking a little bald!

Precision Auto Sports put the show on and save for the 'incident' it
went along very smoothly. The next one is March 13-14... I'll be there!

Like Eric said, several of us were hung up by slower cars. Yes, several
were newbies, but some were veterans of the school. I hot-pitted several
times, but I'd catch those cars in a matter of a few laps.

My best runs were with Nick Snyder's slightly tuned 98 GTI, Warren's
30vq with hit R1s and Luis Marques... but he had streets on. A modded M3
was a challenge, but that chase was hampered by stingy backmarkers.

With my set up, I was able to power on way before any of the 2 wheel
drive cars. I still cannot imagine buying an A4 (or any Audi for that
matter) without quattro. Its simply outstanding.

One of the C5 Vette driver's apologized for not letting me by- I chose
not to pass as we had been out for a while and I was tired.

"I couldn't lose you, you were gaining on me in carousel."
"Yea, all wheel drive 'll do that."
"Well, these tires on the vette are hard..."
"But they're 18 inches wide!"

I'll have a web page with the pix and I'll have more.

Jason Palmer
97 A4 1.8Tq mtm, antisways, brembos
88 GTi 16v