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Re: Oil filter/Quickie oil changes

Jeff, et al., again, they're made to a price. In my opinion, if the product
is significantly cheaper, and the advertising budget is relatively large,
and the company is in business to make a decent profit for it's
shareholders, the costs have to be cut somewhere, and that somewhere has to
be in the product. Can you see the CEO telling the board that they've got
to tell the shareholders there'll be no dividends this year because he
decided to spend more money per unit to make the product better and held
the price the same to give the consumer more value for the money? Maybe

Jeff LaBombard wrote:

> Why are Frams such bad filters?  I have heard this, but am curious why?
> jeff
> 94 s4
> I wouldn't put a
> >fram filter, oil, air, or gasoline on my lawnmower, strike that, on my
> >bicycle!