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re: headlamp wiring

"scott miller" <macatawa@hotmail.com> writes:

>Stock low beam wires, just the headlight switch is bypassed, in hopes of 
>extending it's life a bit.  My stock harness has one 12 ga. wire per 
>headlight bulb.

I've been smoking H4 headlamp connectors on my other car, dropped back to
stock wattage bulbs, and *still* smoked a connector. Ground connection

So I bought a couple of new connectors, ran 12 gauge grounds from connector
to firewall. Too soon to tell what happens.

But here's the question...where does one find H4 headlamp connectors with
wiring larger than 18 gauge? I had to take apart the connector to add the
12 gauge ground, and I still have 18 gauge for hot leads. I really don't
want to take them apart too...the Hella connectors I got with the 7" round
lamps were 14 or 16 gauge...the ones from Pep Boys were 18 :(

...or are you guys just running spade connectors right onto the bulb